UNM Office of Export Control

Export control laws are federal regulations that govern how certain information, technologies, and commodities can be transmitted overseas to anyone — including U.S. citizens — or to foreign nationals on U.S. soil.

The University of New Mexico is committed to the highest level of compliance with all applicable export control laws and regulations. Penalties for non-compliance with export control laws are severe and impact both the institution and the researcher.

This website is designed to help the university research community understand the impact of these critical compliance responsibilities by providing essential export control information and relating how it applies to academic research.

In the News: Traveling to Embargoed or Sanctioned Country

If you are traveling to a sanctioned country, you are required to obtain a country-specific pre-travel briefing, as well as a post-travel debriefing, from your FSO. Please contact Deb Kuidis to schedule these appointments. Comprehensive Sanctions Cuba, Iran, Sudan, and Syria Targeted Sanctions The Balkans, Belarus, Cote D’Ivoire (formerly Ivory Coast), Iraq, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, Myanmar, North Korea, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, and Zimbabwe .

For further information on sanctions in place by the government of the United States, please refer to the Department of Treasury’s website at US Department of the Treasury

Contact Export Control Staff

Adelicia Gunn 

Program Specialist
Main Campus
email: mtaotero@unm.edu
phone: 505-277-2968

            --- OR ---

Deb Kuidis

Manager of Industry Security
Facility Security Officer
email: dkuidis@unm.edu
phone: 505-277-2058
cell: 505-269-2712


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