Grants Management & PI Training

Office of the Vice President for Research Traning and Development program offers Grants Management Program & New PI Training workshops.  These workshops are for Main and Branch campus principal investigators (PIs), co-principal investigators (co-PIs), or administrators on a contract or grant award. [HSC employees need to contact Cassandra Misenar, UNMHSC Office of Research,  at 272-0040 and for HSC’s schedule of classes.]  

Topics covered include regulations, policies, and procedures that pertain to the sound management of sponsored projects. Sign-in begins 15 minutes prior to the workshop start time.

Register via Learning Central; look under "Grants & Research"
Log in to the site using your NetID, select 'Catalog' in the upper banner, and then select 'Grants & Research' in the left column, followed by the 'Register' button corresponding to the class you wish to attend.

Graduate Students:

Graduate students who want to be PI's need to get access to Learning Central before they can register and take the New PI Training. Please visit the New Account Page for instructions on how to get access to Learning Central.


For more information, see Office of the Vice President for Research Traning and Development webpage. 


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