Conflict of Interest (COI) Review Process

Step One: Initial Review

Each disclosure will receive an initial review where it will be reviewed for completeness by the COI Compliance Specialist. Disclosure forms that reflect disclosable interests will be reviewed by the COI in Research Committee. The Committee conducts the review process in a manner that is intended to foster, not hinder research relationships.

Step Two: Committee Determination

If the Committee determines that the disclosed interest does not affect the research or that the interest does not compromise the commitments of the individual to UNM, and is not detrimental to UNM, the Committee can determine that no conflict exists.

If the Committee determines that the disclosed interest could influence the research, the Committee can determine that a conflict exists and a management plan is in order to manage, reduce or eliminate the potential or actual conflict of interest. The plan will be issued by the Committee and must be signed by both the investigator and the monitor.

Step Three: Notification

Notification of committee decisions are sent via e-mail to the disclosing party, project PI, the investigator's Department Chair, and, when applicable, Center Director.

COI in Research Procedure (under UNM Policy E110)

COI Waiver for Technology Transfer Procedure (under UNM Policy E80)