Submit a Conflict of Interest in Research Disclosure

Annual COI disclosure submissions are required from all investigators engaged in UNM research at Main and Branch campuses. 

  • Investigators required to disclose are individuals (including faculty, staff and students) responsible for a task that could have a significant effect on the design, conduct or reporting of the research, even if the individual does not have sole or primary responsibility for the task or the research.
  • A non-UNM investigator is any person employed by an entity other than UNM, working pursuant to a sub-award agreement, an independent contractor or collaborator, or otherwise not employed by UNM.
  • Investigators are urged to submit their COI disclosure during the official submission period for the academic year which is from mid-August through mid-September.
  • A call for annual submissions occurs every August. However, investigators are able to submit an annual disclosure at any time during the academic year.

Public Health Service (PHS) disclosure submissions are required for each PHS or NIH proposal submitted.

  • Submission is needed prior to the time of every new proposal submission to a PHS agency, NIH, or NIH-affiliated agency.
  • PHS/NIH project-specific disclosures are to be completed at the time of applying for funds or to report a material change. (see below) 

A Material Change disclosure is submitted when there is a material change, such as 

  • a new significant financial interest;
  • a new situation that could call into question or impact professional commitments or primary allegiance to UNM;
  • a significant change to a previously submitted disclosure.

The COI disclosure information may be subject to public record requests under laws such as FOIA and IPRA. For details about whether an entire disclosure or specific portions thereof may be released in response to public record requests, please visit the UNM Public Record Requests web site or contact UNM Public Records Custodian at: (505) 277-5035 or