Streamlyne® Resources for Conflict of Interest in Research (COI)

Streamlyne® is an enterprise-level research administration platform that has been chosen by upper administration of UNM Main and Branch Campuses to integrate proposal development, award management, and some compliance (Conflict of Interest, Internal Review Board, and Export Control) processes.  Streamlyne® provides smoother communication between different research administration offices and functions and it integrates reporting of Conflicts of Interest in Research. 

One big difference you will notice is that, unlike our current system, Streamlyne® COI reporting is based on specific research projects. Therefore, we resorted to keeping the annual disclosure system to the extent possible but had to combine it with specific project disclosures. UNM Streamlyne® COI module has been configured to minimize duplication between the disclosure types. 

For Disclosure Year 2022-2023 only, your current projects have been imported into the Annual Disclosure for you using legacy data from Cayuse and you can complete all Project Disclosures for current projects in the Annual Disclosure.   In following years, all completed Project Disclosures will be imported into the Annual Disclosure automatically. 

One of the many advantages of Streamlyne® for completing COI disclosures is that you have to enter each outside interest once, rather than on each disclosure.  This is accomplished through the Outside Entity/Family Collaboration Document.  We suggest you complete this document before completing any of your disclosures. 

For this COI Disclosure Year (2022-2023), we suggest you complete your disclosures in the following order:

  1. Report any outside interests you have using the Outside Entity/Family Collaboration Document (one for each disclosable outside interest or family collaboration).
  2. Complete your Annual Disclosure.
  3. As you have new projects throughout the year (proposals/awards/unfunded IRB and IACUC protocols) complete the associated Project Disclosures.

Weekly office hours for Streamlyne COI Module in December (Dec 6- Dec 20 2022):

Tuesdays: 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM - Zoom Linkfor Tuesday Office hours
Thursdays: 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM - Zoom Linkfor Thursday Office hours

COI Staff will be available during these times for you to drop in with your questions. Feel free to contact us if you need help outside these hours.

Training Materials for the Streamlyne Conflict of Interest Module

PDF Tip Sheets

COI Module Complete User Guide

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